Our Story


It all began...

When we moved to Seattle, WA 12 years ago for an incredible opportunity at Microsoft, we were on a hunt for a school for my older son, Douglas. His preschool teacher in Ann Arbor, MI recommended we put him in a private school. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be challenged. Without any previous knowledge or first-hand experience with private schools, I ended up spending several months researching and visiting schools while working full time and finally found an ideal school for Douglas. During that period, I realized it’s harder to be a great parent than to be a successful business executive. However, finding the right school was only the beginning of our journey.  

We applied for the school after a six month of preparation involving an open house visit, parent essays, a clinically certified psychologist administered IQ test, an in-classroom visit, and teacher recommendations and Douglas was accepted to the only private school (K-8th) on the east side for gifted children. First time going through admissions process was quite daunting and nerve breaking, and we were on pins and needles in mid-April waiting for a letter from the school. We went through the same process for my younger son, Jonathan. Along the way, I learned a lot of intricacies of entire private school admissions.

Two years ago, we were back at starting our journey for Douglas’ private high school application, which involved even more rigorous requirements, almost same as college applications, standardized test (SSAT/ISEE) score, teacher recommendations, student essays, parent essays, interviews, middle school transcript, etc. After a nine month of preparation, Douglas was accepted to highly selective high schools and decided to go to a top college prep school in Redmond. This time I learned even more smart strategies for highly selective private high school admissions.

I would be honored to help parents who are looking for the best learning experiences for their children using my learnings and successes our boys had.