KuriousMinds Young Sharks Program

KuriousMinds Young Sharks™ program is designed to provide students (in grades K-8) a remarkable opportunity in developing skills they can use to build a product, a service or a business that will make a positive impact in their own community. The program is taught by an education coach and tech executive, author, and mother of two children. It has been tested at highly selective private schools in the greater Seattle area. Through a project-based experiential program, students generate ideas, conduct research, and write business plans. By the end of the program, students will have the necessary skills, experiences, and materials to pitch their ideas confidently to a simulated panel of investors confidently.


Benefits for Students

  • Uncover what they’re passionate about and turn their passions and talents into business ideas

  • Learn about problem-solving

  • Learn about product development stages like analyzing the market, validating their idea with research, scoping out feature list, prototyping MVP (Minimally Viable Product), and building financial projections as well as marketing and sales plan

  • Practice teamwork and effective communication

  • Develop a business plan

  • Perfect a pitch

  • And more


Benefits for Schools, Homeschools, and Summer Camp Organizers

  • Offer multi-disciplinary experiential project-based program taught by masters

  • Partner with experienced entrepreneurs and leaders in the classroom

  • Support the transformation of youth into confident future entrepreneur

“I was scared about my pitch and the negotiation part of the pitch. However, you helped me prepare for it and figure out what was wrong with my project. We were all much better off during the presentation and the pitch because of your help.”
— Student
“It was extremely helpful when you helped us delegate jobs, and at that point, it set a direction for our group. You also helped us with negotiating,
and I appreciated how clear you were when telling us what to do and what not to do, you even drew out a diagram on the sheet of paper. Thank You!”
— Student